Buumi Foods

Branding Strategy, Brand Design, Creative Direction, Web Design

We had the pleasure of partnering with Buumi Foods, an organic and health food brand with a focus on gluten-free foods and foods for diabetics. Our collaboration with Buumi Foods involved providing our core services of brand identity, brand strategy, and web design for their ecommerce store.

Our brand identity process began with a thorough analysis of Buumi Foods’ brand values and mission. We then designed a brand identity that reflected these values and positioned the brand as a trusted and health-conscious food provider. The brand identity included a unique logo, color scheme, typography, and imagery that worked cohesively to communicate Buumi Foods’ mission to their target audience.

Next, we developed a brand strategy that aligned with Buumi Foods’ goals and target audience. Our research and analysis identified areas where the brand could differentiate itself from competitors, and we provided recommendations for content marketing, social media, and influencer partnerships to help Buumi Foods stand out in a crowded marketplace.

Finally, we designed and developed an ecommerce website that was user-friendly, visually appealing, and optimized for conversions. The website featured a clean design with clear calls-to-action, and we incorporated Buumi Foods’ brand identity elements throughout the website to ensure consistency and reinforce the brand’s message.

Our collaboration with Buumi Foods resulted in a cohesive brand identity, a well-defined brand strategy, and an ecommerce website that accurately represented the brand’s values and made it easy for customers to purchase their products. We are proud to have played a part in helping Buumi Foods grow and expand their reach in the health food market.